Additional Services

Take comfort. Black Diamond offers a complete modular space solution

Black Diamond Australia leverages the expertise of its highly-qualified team members to deliver innovative and customisable modular building solutions for our clients in all industries. We take pride in providing a complete range of work space solutions with a full suite of value-added services. 
Planning, Design and Innovative Solutions

At Black Diamond Australia, one thing you won't hear us say is "it can't be done." We think outside the box, and ask "how can we make it happen?" Any project, any design, our team of experts will help you create the best possible solution for your workforce needs. 

Transportation, Delivery and Installation

To ensure that your project is delivered on time and in the safest manner possible, Black Diamond Australia offers transportation, delivery and installation services. 

Full Suite of Value-Added Options

If you need more than a building, we can make that happen too. Ask us about the value-added products we can provide, such as exterior landings and steps, shipping containers, water-holding tanks and portaloos. From start to finish, Black Diamond Australia is here for you.