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Coming together to make a difference

When disaster strikes, lives are on the line. Rapid response, accuracy and a collected, capable team are required. We extend beyond modular units to be your emergency response partner. Our team brings international experience in war zones, in natural disaster settings, and in environments of extremely high pressures to ensure we continually add value through strategy and level-headedness. It is because of our experience, proactive approach and responsiveness, that Black Diamond has been trusted since 2016 to be the Queensland Government's point of call for emergency response projects.

As your trusted emergency response partner, we stay one step ahead when disaster strikes and respond with haste. No matter whether it's catastrophic bushfires, floods, COVID-19 outbreaks, cyclones, major storms, or the unthinkable, Black Diamond Group responds rapidly with portable emergency shelters on-site and set up in 3 to 6 hours and an attitude to pitch-in wherever we can. 

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  • Portable Emergency Shelters
  • Flood Assistance
  • Evacuation Centres
  • COVID-19 Checkpoint Equipment
  • Medical Facilities
More than modular units

How we assist

At Black Diamond Group, our job doesn't end once we've delivered your stock. We go far beyond providing modular buildings for emergency affected areas and instead look at the big picture. We are an extension of your emergency response team. 

Our trusted relatioships with suppliers allow us to provide portable emergency shelters, as well as complete solutions from logistics, to operations and complete project management. We partner with an extensive network of organisations to deliver the required infrastructure for affected communities. No matter what is required, we find a solution and have it to you when our communities need it most. 

Via our emergency response partner network, we provide an extensive range of deliverables to streamline your operations, including things that you may not have even considered, such as: 
  • Generators
  • Greywater pumping
  • Checkpoint equipment (police/defence)
  • Evacuation centres
  • Showers/ port-a-loos/ ablutions
  • Temporary fencing
  • Mortuary Refrigerators
At Black Diamond Group, we take it upon ourselves to make affected communities feel as comfortable as possible by providing the means necessary to achieve that. 

Why Black Diamond


With extensive emergency planning and response experience and backgrounds in defence military  camps providing services in high-pressure environments and life on the line scenarios, our team has a firm grasp on the importance of rapid response, accuracy, and remaining calm when responding to an emergency. With the right people in the right jobs, we make things happen.

Proactive Management / Planning

Our team of experts have experience in developing a response plan well before disaster strikes. This proactive and strategy-led approach allows us to move rapidly and efficiently when catastrophes occur.

Dependable Point of Contact

As an extension of your response team, we’re the reliable point of contact that makes things happen. Wherever possible, we’ll be on-site, providing support in every shape or form. However, if, for any reason, we’re not able to support on-site, we’re just a phone call away, there to assist in any way possible.

Seamless Delivery

Our intimate knowledge of geographical landscapes allows us to plan our transport routes proactively. Before deployment, we are well aware of road closures and blockages to ensure the seamless delivery of stock to affected communities as soon as possible. 

Project Management

Our job doesn’t end once we’ve delivered your stock. We’re your on-site point of call, there to support you and the affected community in every way possible. We take it upon ourselves to find solutions, no matter what.

Rapid Response

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Our operations are centred around timely solutions and established Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with suppliers, allowing us to deploy stock and have it set up onsite within 3 to 6 hours, no matter how remote the location.
No matter how catastrophic, you can trust that our experienced emergency response team will be there, giving our call to help support our affected communities. 

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